Комбинезон детский для картинга K-MX 5 YOUTH KART SUIT Alpinestars


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Описание товара



* Complies to CIK FIA Level 2 homologation standards.


* High performance nylon outer layer is engineered for superior durability and abrasion resistance.


* Mesh panels positioned on the shoulders, armpits and seat area provide excellent ventilation performance.


* Poly-mesh lining around the torso greatly enhances driving comfort.


Ergonomic fit


* Innovative fully floating arm is constructed from knit fabric for maximum flexibility around the shoulders while driving.


* Stretch inserts around the lumbar area enhance flexibility and help maintain the suit’s fit both in and out of the kart.




* Knitted wrist and ankle cuffs provide a snug fit and help prevent unwanted movement of the suit.


* Alpinestars Formula 1 style shoulder epaulettes.


* Adjustable collar and waist belt allows a customized fit.


* Two flat pockets offer a convenient storage option for those times away from the driving seat.